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friends of Thompson's harbor
Supporting Thompson's Harbor State Park
(near the Presque Isle Lighthouses, off US 23 in Krakow Twp., Michigan)
Michigan Recreation Passport required to enter the park

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there rattlesnakes in the park?
A: Yes. The Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake does live in the Park. It is shy, and rattlesnake bites are very rare, and there has not been a fatal bite in decades. Still you should be aware, and warn children not to harass or catch any wildlife in the park. The following link will give you more information: CLICK HERE

Q: Where can I find information on the cabins that are in the park?
A: The cabins can be rented year around by contacting the DNR. The following links will take you to full details: CLICK HERE for the Stone Path Cabin , and CLICK HERE for the Cedar Haven Cabin

Q: Is there more than way to get into the park?
A: Yes. You can enter the park through the main entrance off US 23 on Trailhead Road. In addition you can reach it off of Old State Road, just a half mile or so South of the main entrance. That will lead you to the dunes, the Grand Lake Outlet,and the beaver pond off of Thompson Harbor Road. Old State Road runs all the way to County Road 638, and if you follow that to the end and turn Left you will get to the Presque Isle Harbor (site of the Wooden Boat Show ), and the two historically renovated Lighthouses in Presque Isle.