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friends of Thompson's harbor
Supporting Thompson's Harbor State Park
(near the Presque Isle Lighthouses, off US 23 in Krakow Twp., Michigan)
Michigan Recreation Passport required to enter the park


FOTH is also working closely with the DNR park staff to keep existing trails within the park clear of debris and branches for ease of walking. Again, this would greatly increase access to the park and its wonderful surroundings.

Your generous donation would help us to accomplish these goals and many more. Please consider using the Contacts page of this site to make your tax-deductible donation.

Top Stories

  • Educational activities are currently being
    coordinated. FOTH has partnered with the
    Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative to support
    the Rogers City school districtas junior high
    science classa study of rare and endangered
    species within the park, including park tours
    to help students identify species and projects.
    FOTH is working to involve more area school
    districts in similar learning activities, classroom
    research, and hands-on research at the park. Click Here for additional information.